Candy for My Soul

"Love like a man and you'll never get hurt." Candy Mitchell is addicted to something worse than a drug or alcohol, shes addicted to a man. Candy has never been interested in Mr. Right, instead she finds Mr. Right-Now more attractive. As a successful marketing manager for a prominent Atlanta firm, Candy has it going on and will definitely let you know it. Men are only good for one thing and you already know what that is. Well that is until Candy meets her new client Noble Johnson of Inferno Sporting Apparel and finds herself so wrapped up in a man that he has become her addiction. She realizes that it's not so fun being on the other side of objectification and rejection but now it's too late. A sister is caught up! Will Candy learn from this experience and see that true love does exist? And is it possible that it has been right under her nose all along?​